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Love Jones Publishing is a premier black female-owned publishing company that specializes in helping beginner authors establish their place in the publishing world. Whether an author needs help with book proposals, outlines, reviews, or publishing services, Love Jones Publishing is the perfect choice. With solid publishing experience, the owner brings extraordinary knowledge and expertise to each project. 

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Empowering Beginner Authors to Success

At Love Jones Publishing, our focus is to assist beginner authors of all ages and backgrounds in establishing a place for themselves in the publishing world. We understand the importance of providing a platform for women to share their stories and perspectives, and we are passionate about helping them get their voices heard in spaces that matter. 

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Authors Together Unleashing the Power of Words

Love Jones Publishing is passionate about facilitating the publishing journey of women authors who have been overlooked by traditional publishing houses. Our founder leverages her marketing and public relations experience to provide an exceptional publishing service for these authors.

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